Virtual 3D Showroom  for a machine manufacturer

COVID-19 has also eliminated the traditional opportunity for machinery manufacturers to showcase their new products at international exhibitions. DRUPA, the World Printing Exhibition, has also been postponed. Cleverly adapting to the situation, we created a digital exhibition and presented our latest developments in a virtual showroom. 

(Duration: 3 minutes)

Each products and machines was modelled in 3D down to the last detail. Over a million parts... down to the last screw. On customer request, you can even look inside each machine...

CAD: Balázs Ember, Laszlo Mero, Laszlo Nemeth (LASKY)
Design: Laszlo Nemeth (LASKY), Denis Varga 
Video: Laszlo Nemeth (LASKY), Denis Varga 
Animations and environment modelling and special effects: Laszlo Nemeth (LASKY)
Software: Peter Loki, Szabolcs Gaspar
UI: Laszlo Nemeth (LASKY)
Other: Edina Ember-Bojkovszky 

and thanks for all collegues of Varga-Flexo Ltd.

Thank You!
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